Profile: John Henry Petroleum

April 30, 2017
One major difference between John Henry Petroleum and many other oil and gas exploration companies is that they have not only increased their own profitability significantly, but they have led the entire industry to impressive growth. By learning how to use the best innovations and technologies available, they have improved their fortunes when it comes to net production volumes, as well as net proved reserves. At the same time, they have improved actual production and learned how to keep their costs under control.

Again, this is because the exploration and extraction methods employed by John Henry Petroleum are state of the art. What that means is, they can focus their drilling and extraction efforts on those areas containing the most oil. JHP was borne from the
strong entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, who are a couple of former oil and gas executives, who wanted to move their industry into the future by improving explorations and extraction capabilities of the entire industry.